Although modern airplane travel

makes us aware of the scale of

our inventions, we often overlook

the true force which makes our

flight possible: the interaction bet-

ween air and wing.  The Wright

Brothers Memorial reminds us of

this dynamic between man,

machine, and environment, as

the Wright brothers relied not only

on their technical skill, but more,

on their ability to find a relationship

with the wind.  By understanding

the wind and the air, the Wright

Brothers were able to create a

subtle shift which lifted them into

the sky.  This shift, first facilitated

by the angle of their glider and

carefully managed by wires, was

later controlled by the warping of

the plane's wings in response to

slight movements of the pilot's

body.  This redirection or modulation

of the wind to obtain a new

balance is still what allows the

modern propeller, rotor, glider,

and airplane wing to bring

our machines to life and  carry us

from one destination to another.

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exterior perspectivemain public entrance and gallery
view from residential commons looking at observation toweraerial perspective

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