Connecting Liberaiton - Downtown Detroit Vertical Park

Existing Steetscape and Abandoned Railway Track.  Fort Street and Rosa Parks.

Downtown DetroitVertical Park
Connecting Liberation

To Connecting Liberation, a prototypical downtown Detroit Vertical Park...

The primary goal of the Downtown Detroit Vertical Park project is bring new life and quality to the harsh riverside industrial landscape by connecting it to inland residential communities.  With the connection of this shared liberation, it is my vision that this public urban node will bring new value and use  to this section of downtown.  Using an abandoned railroad bed as a new park space, I invision a network of such urban nodes tying together the urban fabric by providing points of relief and freedom.

Immediately, the vertical park would connect the local industrial streetscape (left) with the track level park space and from this area, to the Detroit river two blocks away and to a second network of riverside parks.

The vertical park itself is seven stories in total, six stories above the street level which is fifteen feet above the track level.  The first level acts as a transitional space between the local urban street level and the connecting park space in the vacated track.  Also on this level is an aquatics park which comprises two levels with internal waterfalls.

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