Discovering the Wind 

Housing to Utilize and Reintegrate Detroitís River.  An Exploration of Home as the Dynamic between Freedom and Connection while creating architecture which improves the overall environment through its being.  [continue]


Discovering the Wind - Meteorological Center & Field Station at the Wright Brothers Memorial.  An exploration of the dynamic of understanding, aligning with, and flying by means of a greater force.   [continue]


Ann Arbor mixed use building 

Theater - A Bridge between layers of consciousness 

Ann Arbor Mixed Use Building. 
Located on the corner of Fifth and Liberty, this project involved defining the form of the multi-use building as an element of the modern city.  [


Theater - A Bridge Between Layers of Consciousness.  Community Theater designed for the ACSA Wood Products International Competition.  Located on the Detroit River.  [continue]


Connecting Liberation 

Bosch child care center 

Connecting Liberation:  Detroit Vertical Park.  A project to bring new life to an industrial downtown from the outlying regions though the connection of shared liberation.  [ continue]


Bosch Child Care and Development Center.  A childís world located within an industrial office and research facility designed for growth and protection through dynamic expansion.   [continue]


Port Huron multiuse project 


Port Huron Multiuse Project.  A Multiuse project located adjacent to an historical building to infuse new life into Port Huronís downtown.



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